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Main Line Riders



Year: 2009
Format: CD
Label: Retroactive Records
Genre: [Hard Rock]
Overall Rating: 7.5
Music: 7.5
Production: 7.5

Main Line Riders joined a large family of bands that took AC / DC as their gods of Rock N’ Roll. By looking at AC / DC, those types of bands, on their Bluesier approaches, made sure that their sound production fits just right. The meaning is turning up the trebles, putting on the Gibsons and lighting up the marshal amps. X-Sinner did it, Rhino Bucket are still doing it and so do the Main Line Riders’ boys. Worldshaker is the follow-up album to the band’s debut. With this new album came over a new vocalist and a Bon Scott style attitude.

In Overall, this new album turned out quite nicely although it’s not something new to brag about. We are talking here about another AC / DC “tribute to the sound and spirit” kind of record. Albums like this one are in tons. However, every band has its own stuff to show. On Worldshaker it’s more about the Blues and cool Rock N’ Roll, free style living with a sense of a steel working station atmosphere – crunchy and cuts to the bone.

With the easiness of the music, it is not hard to catch what is catchy. Whether it is the trouble-free chorded riffs (most of them just cannot die from overusing or overdosing after so many years) or the chopping bluesy solos or the Rockin’ choruses, which are memorable as hell. Additionally, Main Line Riders holds the 70’s and the early 80’s by the balls and whoever is a fan of the old AC / DC with the late Bon Scott, will have a good time listening to this stuff. Worldshaker is no world shaker, it is more like a nice hang time in the car while driving to a bar to meet friends (Something worth as a soundtrack to a youth film or series).

Although Worldshaker is an album of continuance, its hard to ignore that there are several tracks that displays this band at its finest moments. Take a listen to “Broken Hearted”, the wonderful ballad of "Comin’ Home", catchy as a hell “Rhythm N’ Blues”, boogie in flames of “Through With You” and the unending AC / DC attacks of “Worldshaker”, “We Are The Ready Ones” and “It All Ends Tonight”.

You got yourself a solid example of how to make a fine AC / DC sound tribute album. Main Line Riders will keep on riding, they have something to prove, However they should keep in mind that besides them, others are following the same gods.

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- Lior “Steinmetal” Stein (May, 6th 2010)

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Weber, Luke: Vocals
Cliffy: Vocals, Guitars
Kenenske, Matthew: Vocals, Guitars
Baranski, Jerry: Bass
MacMurray, Josh: Drums
Producer: Unknown
Mixing by: Unknown
Mastering by: Unknown
Main Line Riders - Worldshaker  CD  Cover Image
01. It All Ends Tonight
02. Throwin' Bones to the Wolves
03. Hell Ain't a Good Place to Be
04. Through with You
05. Comin' Home
06. Broken Hearted
07. Worldshaker
08. Power Surge
09. Chrome & Steel
10. Rhythm-N-Blues
11. We Are the Ready Ones
12. It's a Revolution
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