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Heavils, The



Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Metal Blade
Genre: [Heavy Metal/Hardcore]
Overall Rating: 7.5
Music: 7.5
Production: 9.0

I have never heard of the Heavils before, although they already have released a debut album in 2003. The word 'unique' describes their music best... I define their music as a mixture of heavy metal and hardcore, but there are also other influences. What's most intriguing is the fact that the Heavils creates and builds their own distinctive guitars known as Meanies, which they use both live and in the studio.

Heavilution is the band's second album, and according to Mossy (the guitarist) it features a new drummer Toast, who helped in bringing new ideas to the table. To make sure that the new album seriously rocked, the band brought in their friend, fellow musician and producer Devin Townsend as well as Shaun Thingvold to help them create the sound they were after. Devin also contributes some vocals and noise to a couple of songs, and this is what I call 'the icing on the cake'.

The Heavils did a cover of the Cheap Trick song "Just Got Back" as an added bonus to this album. They got Rick Neilsen to play the guitar and his son Miles to sing. "It was crazy watching Rick do tracks. He really is by far one of the best guitarists ever", states Mossy. However, I prefer the Heavils originals which overshadow the cover song (at least in my opinion).

Production on this album has been done very well... No wonder, it was produced by Devin Townsend. The sounds are appropriate for the genre and similar to Devin's own solo albums (Devin's "handwriting" can be heard, metaphorically speaking). There were only some minor details that could be honed, nothing much.

Heavilution is one of the most unique hardcore records I've ever heard. Not all of the songs are good, but there were some I quite liked... Heavilution contains groovy headbanging metal in addition to some diverse, yet weird compositions (the last song is really experimental track with lots of samples). This is a CD which definitely requires few listens before making the final opinion about it. Be sure to listen before buying! Heavilution isn't for everyone ;)

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- MAGE (31.08.2004)


Brian: Vocals & Guitar
Mossy: Guitar
Toast: Drums
Corey: Bass

Townsend, Devin: Guest Vocals
Producer: Townsend, Devin
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Heavils, The - Heavilution  CD  Cover Image
01. Outside the Circle
02. Get Behind Me
03. Heavilution
04. Reflection
05. Sinking Time
06. Space Heater
07. Touch
08. Just Got Back
09. Chicken Soup Can
10. Floaters
11. Laundry Day
12. The Other Side
13. Passed Away
14. Kadigimonk
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