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Various Artists


Recollection 2: Relapse Video Collection

Year: 2004
Format: DVD
Label: Relapse
Genre: [Heavy Metal/Death Metal/Grindcore/Hardcore/Metalcore/Hard Rock/Instrumental]
Overall Rating: 7.5
Music: 7.0
Production: 8.5

Relapse Records' popular Recollection DVD series has reached to its second installment. This time there are seventeen videos full of attitude and energy. Recollection 2 features performances from 15 different Relapse artists. Maybe your favourite is included...

As a lot of different bands perform on this video collection, there isn't a single genre to describe all the music... Therefore this DVD is quite diverse and it should have something for everyone (it also works as a way to discover new bands). However, this is also a downside. If there are lots of different styles, someone might only find few songs that he/she likes.

The bands that I liked the most on this DVD were Nile, Amorphis, Neurosis and Alchemist. These would be my listening recommendations to you (but you might have different taste in music, so you're free to disagree). To my surprise, there was also one experimental song on this collection. Vidnaobmana had a nice instrumental tune (Skin Strip), where a bow was used to play guitar (unfortunately the high pitched sounds started to annoy after a while ruining the whole song for me).

Production varies a little (regarding the sound). As all of the music is mixed & mastered at different places, this is excusable. The worst sounds by far were on Today Is the Day's video (they were inferior). The overall production on this album is quite commendable. Especially the picture quality is excellent (very clear). Actually I was a little surprised by the high picture quality of the videos.

Overall this DVD is a good buy, if you're a fan of these bands... But if there are only few bands you like, you might want to use your money on something else. The overall sound of this collection resides on the heavier styles (hardcore, grindcore and death metal). If you're a fan of basic heavy metal, there aren't many songs you'll like (maybe Amorphis and Neurosis).

- MAGE (14.09.2004)

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- Alchemist -
Agius, Adam: Guitar, Vocals
Torkington, Roy: Guitar
Holder, Rodney: Drums
Bray, John: Bass

- Amorphis -
Koskinen, Pasi: Vocals
Holopainen, Esa: Guitar
Etelävuori, Niclas: Bass
Kallio, Santeri: Keyboards
Rechberger, Jan: Drums

- Burnt by the Sun -
Adubato, John: Guitar
Witte, Dave: Drums
Olender, Michael: Vocals 
Patterson, T. R.: Bass

- Burst -
Jägerskog, Linus: Vocals
Liveröd, Jesper: Bass
Hultin, Patrik: Drums
Rydberg, Jonas: Guitar
Reinholdz, Robert: Guitar

- Cephalic Carnage -
Mullen, Josh: Vocals, Bass
Goldberg, Steve: Guitar
Merryman, John: Drums
Joe, Zac: Guitar
Lenzig: Vocals

- Dying Fetus -
Gallagher, John: Guitar and Vocals
Beasley, Sean: Bass
Matthews, Vince: Vocals
Kimball, Mike: Guitar
Sayenga, Erik: Drums

- Dysrhythmia - 
Hufnagel, Kevin: Guitar
Ingerson, Dan Clayton: Bass
Eber, Jeff: Drums

- The End - 
Wolff, Aaron: Vocals
Watson, Steve: Guitar
Hercules, Andrew: Guitar
Dooley, Sean: Bass
Salajko, Anthony: Drums

- Mastodon -
Kelliher, Bill: Vocals, Guitar
Hines, Brent: Guitar
Sanders, Troy: Bass
Dailor, Brann: Drums

- Neurosis -
Kelly, Scott: Vocals, Guitar
Von Till, Steve: Vocals, Guitar
Edwardson, Dave: Bass
Roeder, Jason: Drums

- Nile -
Sanders, Karl: Vocals, Guitar
Wade, Dallas Toller: Guitar
Spires, Chief: Bass
Hamourra, Pete: Drums

- Skinless -
Webber, Sherwood: Vocals
Carpenter, Noah: Guitars
Keyser, Joe: Bass
Beaulac, Bob: Drums

- Suffocation -
Mullens, Frank: Vocals
Cerrito, Doug: Guitar
Hobbs, Terrance: Guitar
Richards, Chris: Bass
Culross, Dave: Drums

- Today Is the Day -
Austin, Steve: Vocals, Guitar
Kelliher, Bill: Bass
Reeser, Chris: Keyboards
Hyde, Mike: Drums

- Vidnaobmana -
vidnaObmana: Everything
Producer: Jacobson, Matthew F. (Executive) & Edington, Dean (Compilation)
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Various Artists - Recollection 2: Relapse Video Collection  DVD  Cover Image
01. Mastodon: March of the Fire Ants
02. Nile: Sarcophagus
03. Neurosis: Stones From the Sky (Edit)
04. Burnt By the Sun: Forlani
05. Dying Fetus: One Shot, One Kill
06. Burst: Sculpt the Lives
07. Today Is the Day: The Descent
08. Dysrhythmia: My Relationship
09. Amorphis: Alone
10. Skinless: From Sacrifice to Survival
11. Suffocation: Synthetically Revived
12. Alchemist: Solarburn
13. Neurosis: The Tide (Edit)
14. The End: Her (Inamorata)
15. Cephalic Carnage: Redundant
16. Vidnaobmana: Skin Strip
17. Amorphis: My Kantele (Acoustic Reprise)
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