RockReviews: Review of Eversin - Divina Distopia ( 2010 ) CD
Artist: Eversin
Album: Divina Distopia ( 2010 )
Format: CD
Label: My Kingdom Music
Genre: [Progressive Power / Thrash Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.0

Aside from the fact that the press release made for Eversin is abit wrong when it says that this band is a sort of mixture of Megadeth, Iced Earth, Annihilator, Nevermore and Symphony X, Eversin has its uniqueness but it's to other directions. The paramount sticker to provide for Eversin is Progressive Metal with elements of Power / Thrash / Heavy / Gothic, Metal. You name it. Their creations on their debut, Divina Distopia, range through those sub-genres with darkness on top and it seems that the crossing of the extreme borders is only imminent for the future to come.

Eversin, once called Fuoco Fauto, is a show of “expect the unexpected”. They use almost everything that Metal offers to achieve a level of interest. On the majority of tracks, their success on doing it is that almost every Metalhead will be able to find his way in while taking a dive into their world. Furthermore, on a positive note, Eversin is a weird rebellious band, not abiding to too much rules. They felt free to roam through many zones with two-way music on their side. There is no Black and White here, only grey.

However sometimes their lead vocalist, Angelo Ferrante, is somewhat hard to catch because of the massive Italian accent, he still makes a solid performance. As for his other companions on the original trio, those are professional players presenting some composite melodies and other types of musical verses. With the aid of the session players, the debut of the Eversin line-up turned out to be a good deal for them and for their label, My Kingdom Music.

Another interesting fact of Divina Distopia is that with the additions of various elements from other sub-genres Eversin were able to create a sort of drama/suspension in their songs. Even if some of the lyrics are hard to catch, one can understand ideas and thoughts on his own. The music on “Suddenly”, “In The Shadow Of the Rose” and “Angel Of Silence” entertained the assumption that something is missing here, something that only the members of Eversin probably knew when they wrote those. That is why the grey shaped entity of Divina Distopia will stay a mystery, and a compelling one, and on overall, it’s well-made.

Other worthy tracks: “X.E.N.O.S” and “Divina Distopia”.

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- Lior “Steinmetal” Stein (June, 9th 2010)

Ferrante, Angelo: Vocals
Nicastro, Ignazio: Bass
Lo Pilato, Giangabriele: Guitar
Petrella, Mimmo: Keyboard
Calì, Sergio: Drums
Producer: MP Studios
Mixing by: Petrella, Mimmo
Mastering by: New Sin Studios
01. X.E.N.O.S.
02. Wings Ov Tears
03. In the Shadow of the Rose
04. Divina Distopia
05. Angel of Silence
06. Suddenly
07. In My Dream They Live

Total playing time: 39:24

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